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Combating Mental Health Stigma

A look at why and how the stigma of mental illness persists in the African American community—among both young people and their families—and what some are doing to address it.

What Their Writing Told Me: The Taboo Of Mental Illness In The Hispanic Community

The following blog is part of The Clay Center’s series on diversity, which presents varying cultural perspectives and beliefs on mental health and well-being.

John Oliver On Mental Health

In the clip above from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Oliver masterfully speaks to the serious misunderstandings and poor care associated with mental illness in the U.S. today.

Parents’ Untreated Mental Illnesses Affect Their Children

We wrote earlier this month about the growing acceptance of psychiatric illness among the general population. A number of studies demonstrate that more and more Americans are accepting psychiatric illnesses as equal to other illnesses, and therefore actively seeking treatment.

Decreased Stigma Of Mental Illness Among The American Public – But Not Among Clinicians

Let’s talk about stigma and psychiatry.

I know.


You’ve heard all this before. We never seem to stop, you’re thinking, with our worried hand-wringing about the pernicious and dangerous biases that relentlessly dog psychiatric illness and especially those who suffer from psychiatry syndromes.

Talking To Your Child About a Sibling’s Mental Illness

How can you talk to your child about their sibling’s mental illness? Read more from Dr. Susan Swick, below.

It seemed like just another Wednesday evening. After the routine disagreements and struggles over homework, everyone sat down together to eat dinner and talk about their day.

The Red Herring Of Guns And Mental Illness

Almost by definition, writing about pediatric mental health can be controversial. People don’t always agree on treatments, causes, or even whether children can actually suffer from mental illnesses. We know that from some of the responses we’ve received on other posts.

The Crisis In Pediatric Psychiatric Emergency Rooms

Psychiatric emergency rooms are busier than you can imagine—unless you’ve been stuck in one.  In fact, there’s only one emergency room setting that’s even more so: pediatric psychiatric emergency rooms.

Navigating “The System”

Tune into our audio segment on navigating the system ~ search for ‘Shrinking It Down’ wherever you get your podcasts.

I’m going to try to describe how hard it is for families to navigate the mental health care system in the United States. In fact, even the term “system” is problematic here.

The Death Of Robin Williams: Two Psychiatrists’ Perspectives

No one can deny that the untimely death of Robin Williams has affected us all in a multitude of different ways. In two separate blogs below, Drs. Schlozman and Beresin reflect on Mr. Williams’ legacy, what he meant—and still means—to them, and what we can all learn from this tragic loss.