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Body Image and Young People featuring Dr. Holly Peek, MD, MPH – Shrinking It Down

Turning on TV, opening a magazine, or going on our phones these days, kids are overwhelmed with images showing us what we should look like. Even on “reality” TV, none of the people look like your average person.

Relationship Woes: Helping Your Child Break Up With Junk Food Without Harming Their Mental Health

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I’ve had many relationships throughout my life. I’ve developed close ties with family members, friends and coworkers, each relationship uniquely complex.

Medios digitales e imagen corporal

Gene Beresin y yo hemos trabajado con personas que luchan contra los trastornos alimentarios, principalmente niñas y mujeres jóvenes y sus familias durante años.

Is Your Teen an Emotional Sponge? – Shrinking It Down

Peers can be an excellent source of social support, and it’s great that more young people today talk to friends about their emotional challenges. But for every teen who shares, there’s another teen absorbing the info like an emotional sponge.

Being an Emotional Sponge: Supporting Young People Who Are Supporting Friends

Listen to Dr. Gene Beresin and Dr. Ellen Braaten talk more about supporting teens who are supporting friends on our podcast. Tune in below, or search for “Shrinking It Down” wherever you get your podcasts.

Supporting friends who are struggling can be a valuable thing.

9 Ways to Know If Your Child’s Mental Health Clinician Is Right for Them

As parents, we all want the very best for our kids – the best teachers, coaches, and health professionals, among others.

About one in five of our children, teenagers, and young adults will experience a mental health issue and ideally receive mental health care.

Digital Media and Body Image

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When it comes to social media and body image, there are a lot of questions. Gene Beresin and I have worked with individuals struggling with eating disorders, largely girls and young women and their families for years.

What is Anorexia?

For more information about eating disorders and ways you can help make a difference for a young person in your life, or for yourself, please visit NEDA the National Eating Disorder Association website. #NEDAwareness


Marsha was never satisfied with her body during middle school.

What Are the Treatments for Eating Disorders?

Question: What Are the Treatments for Eating Disorders?

Because eating disorders are complex – and are caused by multiple factors – treatments need to address multiple influences.

Hope Beyond Anorexia – Shrinking It Down (Season 1, Episode 9)

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