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The Art of Civil Conversations: 9 Parent Strategies

“Are you out of your mind? You’re not old enough to go to a climate change demonstration. What do you even know about the climate? Besides, we’re in the middle a pandemic.

The Unexpected Magic of Thank You Notes: 9 Strategies to Help Your Child Get Started

Mariela was so excited to graduate from middle school this spring. Even though the celebrations looked different this year due to the pandemic, she was moved by all the family members and friends who came together to celebrate this special milestone with her.

The Positive Value of Conflict: There’s Great Power in Resolution

Conflict is a natural part of our lives. We inevitably have disagreements with others from time to time in our values, beliefs, behavior, and much more. But recently, we’ve seen what feels like insurmountable conflict dividing our nation.

Returning to the Classroom During COVID-19: How to Support Kids & Teens

Many families have been homebound due to COVID-19, and kids and teens have been learning online across much of the country. As the pandemic continues, there are growing concerns about how the disruptions in norms and routines are affecting their mental health.

Getting to the Finish Line: Will You Choose Endurance or Resilience?

It’s probably safe to say that 2020 has taken quite a toll on many of us. This has resulted in a number of reactions, particularly in our mental health. That being said, now that we have made it to 2021, despite the rollout of vaccinations, we continue in our new and modified routines built to cope with the ongoing impact of the pandemic.

How Do We Heal From Here? A Guide for Families and Our Nation

I cannot think of a time in recent history when our nation was more polarized, and resentment and anger so pervasive. One thing we know, though, is that our kids and teens are watching, picking up on, and asking questions about the intensity of it all. There are calls for unity and healing almost everywhere we turn.

9 Self-Care Tips for Teachers

During COVID-19, teachers are feeling additional pressures on top of their already demanding work lives: 

Being responsible for teaching and emotionally supporting students from afar 
Creating innovative ways to teach remotely and navigating the technology to do it 
Responding to increased parent communications, through multi

Supporting Your Family’s Emotional Health During COVID-19

The longer families are homebound due to COVID-19, the greater the concerns about child, teen, and parent mental health. We are struggling to cope with challenges never dreamed of, all while feeling more isolated from those we’d typically turn to for support.

Coping With Disaster Fatigue: A Guide for Families

Mother nature has not been easy on us, lately.

We have shouldered one weather-related crisis after another. The United States has had a record number of wildfires, tropical storms, derechos, and tornados. And these disasters do not include other serious weather-related concerns, like record-breaking heat, droughts, floods, or mud slides.

Anger Management: How to Help You and Your Kids Stay in Control

Everyone gets angry from time to time — parents and kids alike.

Anger is a normal emotion that’s part of the “fight or flight” response. This means it’s an emotion that informs us that something in our lives is threatening, frustrating, upsetting, or unfair.