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A Closer Look at Autism

December 2, 2018


Autism, more formally referred to as autism spectrum disorders (ASD), are conditions where individuals struggle with social relationships and communication. People with autism also often face challenges in handling changes to their normal routines, or attempts to expand their usually narrow range of interests.

What Parents Can Do to Promote Mental Wellness in Our Children

Parents are the true experts when it comes to knowing their children, and often the first to notice any changes in their kids’ behavior:

Colin was a happy youngster. He had friends, did well in school, and got along with his siblings and parents at home. But in recent months, mom noticed that Colin seemed more distant.

The Power of Music: To Feel, Heal, and Connect

The best music is essentially something to provide you to face the world with.

                                    Bruce Springsteen

Music doesn’t lie. If there’s something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.

Do Emoji Help Or Impair Digital Communication?

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, do these little clipart-like images enhance the way we communicate?  “Emoji” was pronounced this year’s top-trending word by The Global Language Monitor, and it was also added to the Oxford English Dictionary (ironic, because it’s a word that describes the concept of communicating using small

It’s All About Respect

January 17, 2014


Anger is an emotion hard-wired into the brain. We all get angry.  Sometimes it seems as if our brains don’t have a choice; certain things just simply tick us off.  But, anger has never hurt anyone—it’s what we do with our anger that can be destructive.

Do As I Say, Not As I TXT: Tips For Parents To Manage Technology Use At The Dinner Table

In 21st-century America, where we no longer quilt on the front porch, play musical instruments together, or plant beans side-by-side in the field, dinner is the primary occasion we use to connect with one another. It’s also an important time to tell family stories, teach social skills and model good manners.

Tips For Parents Sending Their Kids To College

September 23, 2013


College is quite a milestone in family life. For parents and college-bound youth, it represents the real beginning of adulthood. Prospects of autonomy, independence and REALLY leaving home come to mind. It’s an incredibly exciting and long-awaited achievement.

Grounding Your Teen For A Month For Missing Curfew

Chloe just got her driver’s license.  With this, her father tells her, comes great responsibility.  She will be expected to run errands. She will be expected to take her little brother to karate class.

Can My Teen Be My Confidant?

It’s awfully hard to figure out if your teenager is grown up.  That’s largely because it’s awfully hard for your teen to decide.

When Parents Have An Argument

My parents argued with each other.

Most parents do.

In fact, we worry more about the parents who never argue. If parents don’t argue, we worry that they’ve lost some of the passion to discuss (albeit vociferously!) the difficulties in raising a family.