Marijuana: Facts, Myths, and Ben’s Story

Many parents and teens wonder about the safety of using marijuana. While much is known about this substance, there is still considerable controversy about its potential harm to teenagers.

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Let’s take a look at Ben’s story.

How Can Young People Combat Teen Loneliness?

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Teen loneliness. It seems the opposite of what most folks would think, but more and more surveys are finding that teenagers and young adults today may be lonelier than any other age group – even older adults.

Fears & Phobias in Kids, feat. Susan Sprich, PhD – Shrinking It Down

Fears and phobias are not the same thing.

All of us have fears – kids and adults alike. Many of us even enjoy a good scare now and again (there’s a reason why horror movies do so well). And most fears in our children – real or imagined – eventually respond to reassurance, emotional calming, or distraction.

Autism: Making the Transition to College, feat. Chris Keary, MD

Starting college for the first time can be a big deal for all kids, but for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder there’s even more to consider for making it a smooth transition. As parents, how do we provide the best support? How involved should we be?

Special guest Dr.

Programs and Services

The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds at MGH (“The Clay Center”) mission is to promote well-being by providing mental health education to aide in the prevention, reduction and de-stigmatization of mental illness in young people.

How to Support Youth Athletes When a Sports Injury Derails Their Season

Agony. Fear. Uncertainty. A loss of what could have been…

These are just a few psychological hallmarks of an injured athlete’s experience.

What If My Child Has Depression?

What is child depression, and when should you worry about it in your child or teen? See more, below.

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“Depression” is a funny term.

Suicidio en Primavera: ¿Una Combi-nación (Im)probable?

Todos sabemos que los intentos de suicidio, la ideación suicida e incluso la tragedia de morirse por suicidio aumentan durante los días festivos de invierno.

Es algo que damos por hecho. Está en toda la prensa, está en la cultura popular.

Low Self-Esteem: Where Does It Come From and What Can Adults Do to Help?

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Let’s consider two adolescent scenarios.

P + R: Una vez que haya descubierto que su hijo adolescente está usando Marihuana y lo haya confrontado, ¿cuál es el siguiente paso que se recomienda?

No es inusual descubrir de una forma u otra que su adolescente está consumiendo alguna sustancia. Las sustancias más comunes son el alcohol y la marihuana. Si bien esta pregunta es sobre la marihuana, tengamos en cuenta que el uso de cualquier sustancia es preocupante en un niño.