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Ask Ellen: How to Develop Your Child’s Executive Function Skills

Executive function skills are essential for kids to thrive at school and at home. Planning, staying organized, and managing time are important for academic success and balancing the responsibilities of daily life. But what if your child is struggling with these skills?  

In our latest Ask Ellen Live Q&A, our co-director Dr.

Ask Ellen: How to Keep The Learning Going This Summer

Summer is often a time when families seek to balance fun and structure. But many are feeling uncertain about what lies ahead due to disruptions to their kids’ school year and changes in their summer plans.

Ask Ellen: How to Advocate for Your Child’s Learning

A learning disability causes difficulty in an area of learning, such as reading, writing, or math. Challenges in one or more of these areas can affect a child’s ability to thrive in the classroom. But it’s not always clear to parents what to do when their child is struggling.

Bipolar Disorder and The Arts: Mark Vonnegut’s Story

Despite our growing awareness of mental health conditions, the relationship between creativity and mental illness is often misunderstood. In this Parent Strategy Announcement (PSA), Dr.

The Importance of Sleep

It’s important for kids to get enough sleep, and experts recommend eight to ten hours each night. But most kids struggle to reach that due to busy schedules and digital distractions. In this Parent Strategy Announcement (PSA), Dr. Gene Beresin and Dr.

Breaking News and Kids

During times of “breaking news” coverage we’re all drawn to our TVs, phones, and computers for information. But breaking news can include disturbing themes and content, including violence, natural disasters, abuse, and more. The big headlines today also seem to be more frequent, which can add to our stress levels.

The Crying Toddler

There are lots of hard things about being a toddler.

It’s hard being tiny.  It’s hard falling down all the time.  And, it’s hard when you’re a 3-year-old who knows what you want, but somehow no one else does.

In fact, even if the adults in your life do figure out why you’re upset, they won’t always comply.

Oscars Special – Shrinking It Down

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Why on earth are two child psychiatrists talking about the 2019 Academy Awards? It’s not just for fun, even though it’s fun, too.

Young Healthy Minds: Shining Light on Mental Health Through Education

Here at The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds, we know that there just aren’t enough child psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers — anyone who helps to take care of kids — to go around. Yet there is an incredible need for resources to help support the mental, behavioral, and emotional well-being of our future generation.

Living With Technology – Shrinking It Down

Technology. Some days it feels like we can’t live with it, but in today’s world we certainly can’t live without it. And what’s the mental health impact on our kids and teens who seem consumed by their smartphones and other digital media 24/7?

The short answer is: It’s a gray area.