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Youth Athlete Mental Health ft. Dr. Mai Uchida, MD – Shrinking It Down

At what point are we pushing our young athletes too hard? We all watched 15-year-old Russian Olympic skater, Kamila Valieva, exit the ice in tears after a doping scandal.

Self-Esteem: How do we build our kids up? – Shrinking It Down

Low self-esteem gets all of us down at one point or another. For kids, the goal is to help build them back up. Lots of things can lower our kids’ self-esteem like body image, cyberbullying, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), and surprisingly, guilt (along with lots of other things!).

Supporting Your Child in the Face of Trauma

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Trauma Support PDF

As noted in Trauma: What Parents Should Know, trauma is a physical and emotional reaction to a real or perceived threat to safety and security.

Apoyar A Su Hijo Frente Al Trauma

Como se explicó en Trauma: qué deberían saber los padres, el trauma es una reacción física y emocional a una amenaza a la seguridad real o que se perciba como tal.

Trauma: Qué Deberían Saber Los Padres

El trauma es una respuesta emocional y física a un suceso amenazante o que se percibe de esa manera. Algunos ejemplos de sucesos específicos que pueden ser traumáticos incluyen violencia, abusos, bullying o abandono.

Trauma: What Parents Should Know

Este artículo está disponible en español.

PDF Download – Childhood Trauma

Trauma is an emotional and physical response to an event that is actually or perceived as threatening.

Teen Breakup Violence, Part 1 – Shrinking It Down

Content Warning: This episode is the first in a two-part series on teen relationship violence. It may be difficult for some of our listeners.

Romantic relationships are a crucial part of life for teenagers.

Veteran Families: Understanding and Talking With Kids About PTSD

The life of a military family is not easy, especially for parents. While nonmilitary parents typically define the roles and responsibilities of taking care of kids, it’s very different in military families when, from time to time, one has to parent as a solo pilot.

CBT Snapshot: Using Cognitive Behavior Therapy for PTSD

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a special kind of talk therapy that can be used to help with mental health challenges. In this CBT Snapshot series, Dr. Ellen Braaten gives a glimpse of what it looks like to use CBT for a range of mental and behavioral health disorders.