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11 Self-Care Tips for Teens and Young Adults

December 11, 2019



Teens and young adults today are more stressed, anxious, depressed and lonely than ever – at least in the United States. At first glance, it’s hard to wrap your head around this fact.  

No one really knows the root cause, but it seems to be a perfect storm of several factors.

Shrinking It Down: Navigating Divisiveness During the Holidays (Season 1, Episode 3)

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Differing viewpoints, feelings of frustration. We’re all constantly on edge today, and families can be home to a wide range of beliefs, which only adds stress to “together” time.

The Psychological Gift Of Giving A Gift

December 6, 2017


Intro music written and performed by Dr. Gene Beresin.
Outro music performed by Dr. Gene Beresin.

The holidays are, alas, upon us.

Home For The Holidays: Facing Empty Chairs At The Table

Here we are as in olden days,
Happy golden days of yore.
Faithful friends who are dear to us,
Gather near to us once more.

What If My Family Doesn’t Celebrate The Holidays?

December 6, 2016


I can’t believe I’m going to begin (another) post by noting that the holidays are upon us.

I know that I’ve written a similar beginning for a seemingly similar article for all sorts of publications over the past few years. The holidays are wonderful, and frenzied, and stressful, and compact, and often overwhelming.

Today’s “Brady Bunch”

November 22, 2016


If you’re old enough to have watched The Brady Bunch as a kid—or have seen re-runs more recently—you know that this was not a reality show about a blended family. Not only does Mrs.

How To Survive The Holidays With Teens

December 17, 2015


The holiday season is a time that’s supposed to be fun and memorable, but when you have a moody teen in the family, you may find it more memorable than fun—and perhaps not in a good way. Even the best of teens can be less than enthusiastic about spending extended amounts of time with the family.

Why Watch The Holiday Classics This Season?

Intro music written and performed by Dr. Gene Beresin.
Outro music arranged and performed by Dr. Gene Beresin.

Well, there are all sorts of ways to answer this question.  However, my favorite way to answer, as you might expect, is with a story.  In fact, you might even call this story itself a classic from my youth.

The Holidays: Unplugged

We like to play on our computers as much as anyone. But during the holidays, solitary screen time squanders the chance to play with siblings, parents, grandparents, cousins and friends who are also on vacation. Taking a break from work can also mean a chance to recharge without being tethered to our computers.

Raising A Grateful Child In The Season Of Getting

December 16, 2013


Ah, it’s the holidays: a time for giving, but also a time for getting.  If you’re a parent, you might be wondering if all this “stuff” you’ve been buying is making your child happier—or greedier.  At the very least, you’d probably like your child to be happy with what he’s getting.