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Talking With Children About Suicide

September 27, 2016


Suicide is an unfortunate and unavoidable reality in the lives of children and youth. Whether it occurs with a family member, a classmate or schoolmate, in the community, or in the media, the topic of suicide is complicated and difficult for adults to discuss with children.

How To Speak With Children About The Anniversary Of The Boston Marathon Bombing

In these weeks leading up to the 2014 Boston Marathon, we are collectively hearing about a range of reactions to the many reminders of the event’s significance. Some are feeling distressed, perhaps from listening to the widespread media coverage discussed in our previous post.

Violent Schoolyard Scribbles: How Can Teachers, Doctors And Parents Tell If A Child’s Scary Drawings Are A Cause For Concern?

October 23, 2013


The resident, Dr. G., arrived for a four-hour shift. A pediatrician in his second year of training, he was in the midst of a rotation designed to teach him about psychiatric problems in children.

Why Does Play Matter?

September 18, 2013


Let’s talk about rats with toys, and rats without.

In fact, let’s put rats on hold for a moment. Let’s talk first about children’s museums; that’ll take us to rats and their toys, and move us nicely to the welfare of the brains of our children.