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¿Qué Hago Si Mi hijo Es Acosado (Le Hacen “Bullying”)?

Hasta hace unos seis o siete años, el término “bullying” estaba prácticamente ausente de nuestro vocabulario diario. De hecho, hace seis o siete años, si uno le hubiera pedido a alguien que definiera “acoso”, probablemente le hubieran dicho que la palabra en sí era antigua y pasada de moda.

HOME: Bringing Voice to Youth Who Have Experienced Homelessness

Ask your children or the young people in your life:

“What is a home?”

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

How do their answers compare to the children in this video?

No matter their background, no matter where they live, all child

Our Greatest Strengths, Part 2 – Shrinking It Down

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At the Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds, we think a lot about helping kids as they’re growing up with all sorts of challenges.

Potential Harms of Hazing Initiations

Hazing isn’t something on the minds of most parents as they send their kids off to college, hoping they’ll find satisfying social experiences.

What Do I Do If My Child Is Bullied?

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Here’s a weird fact.

Until about six or seven years ago, the term “bullying” was pretty much absent from everyday use.

What Families Should Know About Suicide

Many families are growing more concerned about suicide, especially among young people. Yet, suicide is often preventable when family members, friends, and communities learn how to recognize warning signs and connect those who are struggling with help.

The Bullying Paradigm

What is bullying?

Most of us have a sense of what it is, but there actually isn’t a clear definition of bullying.

Growing Up With a Sibling With a Disability

“You don’t understand, Mom!” I said.  “They were making fun of him! They were imitating his speech and laughing!”

My mom shrugged.  It would take more than a couple of small-town high school punks to get her attention.

The Emotional Toll of Childhood Obesity

Think about these questions:

Where do people learn that it is OK to call someone fat?
Where do kids learn that calling someone fat is tacitly acceptable bullying?
Can you think of another health condition for which kids are so easily ridiculed? 

Somehow, being overweight creates open season for merciless reprimands.

School Refusal: When Back-to-School Is a Struggle

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Most school-age kids are typically eager to head back to school after a break.