Our Greatest Strengths, Part 2 – Shrinking It Down

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At the Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds, we think a lot about helping kids as they’re growing up with all sorts of challenges. Most families will experience some kind of challenge along the road of life, whether behavioral, psychiatric, chronic, or living with a disability.

Dr. Ellen Braaten’s family is no different, and in this episode of Shrinking It Down she joins. Dr. Steve Schlozman as a co-host to welcome a very special guest: her brother, Robert.

Robert, who has Down Syndrome, joins today’s conversation to help other families and children understand: “Don’t worry about anything.” With family and community support, we all can thrive.

Tune in as Steve, Ellen, and Robert talk about life. They look back to what it was like for him as a child facing bullies and learning in school, and then focus on all he’s doing today, from playing sports, to working and living on his own.

Thank you for joining us in this journey and conversation. If you have a question or comment about growing up with a disability that we didn’t cover, we’d love to hear from you! Write to us here.

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Episode filmed and edited by Michael Dillon, PILOT FIELD

Music by Gene Beresin

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