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Preguntas y Respuestas: ¿Qué es el trastorno de ansiedad por separación?

A mi hijo de 4 años le acaban de diagnosticar un trastorno de ansiedad por separación. ¿Qué es?

Es posible que ya haya adivinado por el nombre del diagnóstico que el trastorno de ansiedad por separación tiene algo que ver con la ansiedad que siente un niño cuando se separa de sus padres o cuidadores.

Desarrollar el bienestar mental en los niños: lo que los padres pueden hacer

Los padres son los verdaderos expertos cuando se trata de conocer a sus hijos, y a menudo son los primeros en notar cualquier cambio en el comportamiento de sus hijos:

Colin era un joven feliz. Tenía amigos, le iba bien en la escuela y se llevaba bien con sus hermanos y padres en casa.

The Crying Toddler

There are lots of hard things about being a toddler.

It’s hard being tiny.  It’s hard falling down all the time.  And, it’s hard when you’re a 3-year-old who knows what you want, but somehow no one else does.

In fact, even if the adults in your life do figure out why you’re upset, they won’t always comply.

Q+A: What Is Separation Anxiety Disorder?

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My 4-year-old was just diagnosed with Separation Anxiety Disorder. What is it?

You may already have guessed from the name of the diagnosis that separation anxiety disorder has something to do with the anxiety a child feels when separated from parents or caregivers.

9 Tips to Help Toddlers to Sleep On Their Own (and Enjoy Being Alone)

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Recently, I was teaching a seminar for child psychiatry fellows on the topic of Donald Winnicott’s Theory of Emotional Development. About a third of the group had young children.

Surviving Tantrums With Toddlers, featuring Rebecca Schrag Hershberg, PhD – Shrinking It Down

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Almost every parent has been there. Whether your child is age two or twenty-two, we’re all familiar with the “T” word.

A Closer Look at Autism

Autism, more formally referred to as autism spectrum disorders (ASD), are conditions where individuals struggle with social relationships and communication. People with autism also often face challenges in handling changes to their normal routines, or attempts to expand their usually narrow range of interests.

Q+A: Are Behavioral Issues Among Kids as Common as They Seem?

Question: It seems like every child these days has some kind of problem. ADHD. Anxiety. Depression. Are these things as common as they seem?

Answer: Are behavioral challenges among children as common as they seem? Well, it’s difficult to say because the line between normal and abnormal behavior is often a matter of degree.

How Scary Is Too Scary?

Here is my most vivid memory of Halloween as a child:

I’m 8 years old. I have, to my father’s delight, developed an affinity for the “creature-features” that appear on the old UHF stations every Saturday from 10 AM to noon. I love Boris Karloff as Frankenstein and Bela Lugosi as Dracula.

Building Mental Wellness in Children: What Parents Can Do

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Parents are the true experts when it comes to knowing their children, and often the first to notice any changes in their kids’ behavior:

Colin was a happy youngster.