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Sexual Consent: Teaching Our Teens About the Gray Areas

October 11, 2016


In light of the #MeToo and Times Up movements, we thought it more important than ever to share the article below on how parents can help teens respectfully navigate the gray areas of sexual and romantic relationships.


In the realm of sexual relations, consent is a bit of a mess.

8 Tips for Parents on the Modern Tween and Teen’s Culture of Hooking Up and Hanging Out

February 11, 2016


How old were you when you were first allowed to date? Did your parents have rules about when you could first “go out” in a group, and later, on a “real” date?

If you’re a parent of a middle or high school student, you might find that the rules your parents had for you no longer apply.

We Succeed Through Our Failures: A Tribute For National Parents’ Day

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think back on an incident you had with your parents when you were growing up?

We asked a number of young adults this very question. One might expect recounts of warm, fuzzy times spent on the couch, on family vacations, at birthday parties. Nope.

The Birds And The Bees Of Kids And Dating

February 14, 2014


The first romantic relationship for a teen, or particularly a pre-teen, can strike terror in the heart of a parent. Rarely are parents ever prepared for their child’s inevitable first crush or real relationship.