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College Mental Health Is In Trouble

March 20, 2015


Sally is an 18-year-old freshman at a large land-grant university.  She has been admitted into her school’s special scholars program due to her particularly impressive academic achievements in high school, and begins her first year of college with a new group of friends, and assumed academic success.

High School Junior Stresses

November 5, 2014


Intro and outro music written and performed by Dr. Gene Beresin.

Sometimes things are so obvious that we fail to take notice.

Tips For Parents Sending Their Kids To College

September 23, 2013


College is quite a milestone in family life. For parents and college-bound youth, it represents the real beginning of adulthood. Prospects of autonomy, independence and REALLY leaving home come to mind. It’s an incredibly exciting and long-awaited achievement.

5 Ways To Avoid Becoming A Helicopter Parent As You Send Your Child Off To College

Emily, a college freshman, strolls from her dorm to her biology class and en route, she calls her mother so that she doesn’t appear aimless and lonely as she passes by her peers. She barely notices that almost all them are also on their cell phones.