Shrinking It Down: Hope Beyond Anorexia (Season 1, Episode 9)

March 7, 2018


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Note: The following person’s account of his/her personal experience has been published with his/her consent to support the mission of The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds, and let others in similar situations not feel so alone.

At 14 years old, in the 1980s, Kathleen began seeing Dr. Beresin, an experienced clinician with expertise in eating disorders. Though eating disorders can be potentially deadly, over many years of working on it, Kathleen conquered her anorexia nervosa.

In this episode of Shrinking It Down, Kathleen joins Dr. Gene Beresin and Dr. Steve Schlozman to share her story of finding herself, including what gave her hope through many horrible years and a lot of sad stuff. Kathleen talks about the importance of her connections to others struggling with anorexia, her journey with treatment, and how theater helped her along the way.

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Shahd Husein

Shahd Husein, Editorial Assistant

Shahd Husein is the editorial assistant for The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds. She is currently working toward her Master of Public Health (MPH) at Tufts University School of Medicine, and previ...