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The Nuts and Bolts of Telepsychiatry, featuring Janet Wozniak, MD – Shrinking It Down

Did you know the first telepsychiatry visits at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), conducted back in 2014, weren’t for adults, but for children? Flash forward, we never imagined how critical teletherapy and telemedicine would become – in such a short period of time – as a part of routine healthcare for all age groups and popula

Adolescent Depression – Shrinking It Down

It’s not always easy to tell whether a teen’s behavior is typical for their age or a sign of depression. In this Parent Strategy Announcement (PSA), Dr. Gene Beresin and Dr. Steven Schlozman explain how parents can assess their child’s behavior, and what to do if they’re concerned.

Should My Child See A Therapist?

One in four people will have a mental health disorder at some point in their life, and half of those disorders begin in childhood.

While many of us know someone who’s had to deal with a mental illness in one way or another, many parents still aren’t sure how to assess whether their child needs to see a therapist.

Media Literacy and Mental Health, featuring Michael Robb, PhD – Shrinking It Down

Today’s young people are spending more time online than previous generations, and many parents and caregivers worry about how digital media is affecting their mental, emotional, and social well-being. Strengthening media literacy skills can help us all better use media as engaged and informed consumers.

The Clay Center’s 2020 Emotional Healing Playlist

Amidst a pandemic, economic strain, political tension, rising mental illness, and more – we are all in need of some emotional healing. Let the healing begin! Our executive director Dr. Gene Beresin says that music has the power to help us feel, heal, and connect with others.

Ask Ellen: How to Respond to Your Child’s Big Emotions

During challenging times, it’s normal for families to feel overwhelmed and anxious. But kids don’t always have the necessary skills to cope with those emotions, and this can sometimes lead to tantrums and meltdowns. What can parents do in these situations? 

In our latest Ask Ellen Q&A, child psychologist Dr.

How Do We Heal From Here? – Shrinking It Down

When the body is injured, it begins the healing process despite the ongoing physical injury. Our minds should be no different. Right now – amidst a pandemic, economic strain, political tension, rising mental illness, and more – we are desperately in need of emotional healing, despite the many challenges ahead.

Managing Family Conflict During Covid – Shrinking It Down

Since COVID-19, many families have spent more time together. A lot more time.

More time together than we’re used to + challenging times + uncertainty about the future + none of the outlets we’d typically use to recharge = a perfect storm for rising family conflict.