Parenting Concerns

Exploring Gender Dysphoria

Note: On May 25, 2019, the World Health Organization approved revisions to the 11th edition of its Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) to move gender incongruence out of mental disorders and into sexual health conditions.

Gaming Disorder: Is It a Real Illness?

“He is playing games all the time. Every chance he gets! From the time he gets home until bedtime, he’s in his room on that computer. And spends almost no time with the family. Is he addicted? I’m really worried.”

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this or some variation of this complaint from parents.

The Senior Prom: A Joyous Rite Of Passage Or Nightmare For Parents?

Intro music written and performed by Dr. Gene Beresin.
Outro music performed by Dr. Gene Beresin.

It’s the weekend before your kid’s senior prom. You and your wife are having a typical evening at home, perhaps watching a movie with your youngest daughter. And, there’s a kind of tense silence you remember all too well.

Q+A: My child was diagnosed with ADHD and I don’t see problems at home. Why is school so tough for him?

April 26, 2019


My child was diagnosed with ADHD.  He’s taking medication and I don’t see many problems at home, but his teacher constantly complains about issues at school.

Could Screen-Free Week Backfire? Finding The Middle Ground

April 26, 2019


We are now in what I believe is the 19th annual “Screen-Free Week” in the United States and abroad. This is a much publicized and highly laudable movement that asks us to take a week—an entire week—to get our children to unplug whatever they happen to own with a screen.

Managing Sibling Conflicts: The Obvious and Hidden Battles

A lot has been written on sibling rivalry, particularly about name calling, arguing, provoking, physical fighting, and other forms of overt hostility. Almost every article suggests that this is inevitable and normal.

What If My Child Has A Drinking Problem?

By far, the most commonly misused drug among teens is alcohol.  This makes sense, as alcohol is legally available throughout the United States, it’s heavily advertised and glorified in the media, and frequently used in celebratory activities.  The effects of alcohol in terms of reducing inhibition are quite real.

What Is Autism Spectrum?

March 30, 2019


Children with autism have significant challenges with social interactions and communication and a very restricted repertoire of activities and interests.

What Is Conduct Disorder?

March 14, 2019


Mark, age 13, was referred to my office for an evaluation because he had just set his third fire in the house, and this time the fire led to thousands of dollars of damaged furniture. He had been suspended from school for breaking windows and spray-painting graffiti on the outside of the school building.

9 Tips to Help Toddlers to Sleep On Their Own (and Enjoy Being Alone)

Recently, I was teaching a seminar for child psychiatry fellows on the topic of Donald Winnicott’s Theory of Emotional Development. About a third of the group had young children.

Winnicott is less known by many parents.