Ask Ellen: How to Advocate for Your Child’s Learning

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A learning disability causes difficulty in an area of learning, such as reading, writing, or math. Challenges in one or more of these areas can affect a child’s ability to thrive in the classroom. But it’s not always clear to parents what to do when their child is struggling. Where can you turn to get an evaluation for your child? What kinds of accommodations and services are available in school?

In our first episode of Ask Ellen, our new Facebook Live Q&A series, Dr. Ellen Braaten answered questions from parents and caregivers on how to support kids with learning challenges, and ways to keep the learning going while they’re at home. Tune in to find out how you can advocate for your child and help them be more successful in school! 

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Episode produced by Joshua Eng  

Music by Dr. Gene Beresin 

Special thanks to Monique Costa, Mass General Social Media Manager, and the Mass General Marketing Department

We are deeply grateful to Lavinia Clay and the Clay Center Advisory Council for supporting our Ask Ellen Q&A series. Their steadfast commitment to the Clay Center’s mission makes our work possible. 

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Ellen Braaten, PhD

Ellen Braaten, PhD

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