Moving Towards Anti-Racism for Our Future Generations, featuring O'Neil Britton, MD - Shrinking It Down | MGH Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds

Moving Towards Anti-Racism for Our Future Generations, featuring O’Neil Britton, MD – Shrinking It Down

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If you’re Black or Brown and growing up in America, it’s noticeable from a very young age that something feels off. That’s because, no matter where you go, there is a layered, structural unfairness that plays out. The harmful impact of this unfairness begins to take its toll on even the youngest developing minds.

On today’s episode of Shrinking It Down, special guest O’Neil Britton, MD, chief medical officer and senior vice president of Massachusetts General Hospital, joins Gene Beresin for a conversation about continued racial inequities in our society, social justice, and our duty to do better for future generations. They discuss the effects of structural racism built in to education and healthcare systems on kids and families, and think critically about steps we must take – individually and institutionally – to do more in moving towards an anti-racist Boston, and an anti-racist America.

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Gene Beresin

Gene Beresin, Executive Director

Gene Beresin, M.D. is executive director of The MGH Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds, and a staff child and adolescent psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is also a ...

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O'Neil Britton, MD

O'Neil Britton, MD

O'Neil Britton, MD, is the Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President of Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Britton provides administrative oversight of the departments of Pathology, Radiology, Pharmacy, Biomedical Engineering, the Center for...

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