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Naomi Osaka – Shining Light On Athlete Mental Health

Naomi Osaka shocked the athletic world when she announced she was withdrawing from major competitions such as the French Open and Wimbledon, citing her disagreement with how athletes are expected to interact with the media. The burden posed on top athletes is exorbitant.

What Are the Consequences If Your Teen Has Been Using Pot?

Many teenagers experiment with alcohol and other substances, and pot – or marijuana – is one of those drugs. While many states have made pot legal for medical and/or recreational use, recent studies show that this, specifically, has not increased its use in teens.

Still, many teens (and adults) have indulged in the use of marijuana.

How To Talk With Kids About Gun Violence

Recent mass shootings that have made national news headlines are a frightening reminder to us all of this “new normal.” Beyond those that have made national headlines, there are many more – sometimes more than one a day – for which the trauma is felt only locally.

The Positive Value of Conflict: There’s Great Power in Resolution

Conflict is a natural part of our lives. We inevitably have disagreements with others from time to time in our values, beliefs, behavior, and much more. But recently, we’ve seen what feels like insurmountable conflict dividing our nation.

El Sueño: Hablemos de Niños Mayores y Adolescentes

Algunos niños duermen bien y otros no. Ese es un buen punto para comenzar cuando se reflexiona acerca de los problemas del sueño en los niños. Según la investigación, muchos niños que duermen bien continuamente, a menudo lo hacen desde muy temprano en sus vidas.

One Year Later: Back-to-School Anxiety During COVID-19 – Shrinking It Down

During the pandemic, many kids across the country have been doing most or all of their schooling online. But now, a year later, many communities are finally finding ways to bring kids back to school, in person.

Returning to the Classroom During COVID-19: How to Support Kids & Teens

Many families have been homebound due to COVID-19, and kids and teens have been learning online across much of the country. As the pandemic continues, there are growing concerns about how the disruptions in norms and routines are affecting their mental health.

How Do We Heal From Here? A Guide for Families and Our Nation

I cannot think of a time in recent history when our nation was more polarized, and resentment and anger so pervasive. One thing we know, though, is that our kids and teens are watching, picking up on, and asking questions about the intensity of it all. There are calls for unity and healing almost everywhere we turn.

Support Kids and Teens Following the Riot In Our Nation’s Capitol

The images of chaos and violence in our nation’s Capitol that many children and teens have been seeing in the media have been disturbing and scary.

The Child Psychiatrist is In Your Living Room

Telepsychiatry is much like the old days of visiting patients in their homes.

For a child and adolescent psychiatrist, home visits – and now telehealth visits – allow us to see our patients’ treasured stuffed animals, games, posters, sports team banners – even their piles of dirty sweatshirts and sneakers.