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Another Shooting – Another Opportunity To Comfort And Talk With Our Kids

January 23, 2018


In 2017, there were 345 mass shootings in the United States, an average of nearly one a day, resulting in 437 deaths and 1,798 injuries.

Who wouldn’t be shocked and terrified by this statistic? Anyone reading that would come to the alarming conclusion that our country is not a very safe place.

And today is no exception.

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Short Days, Bad Moods

January 4, 2018


Tomorrow, it could get as low as four degrees in Boston.

Four degrees.

It’s hard to wrap your mind around four degrees.  Four degrees means that the steam rising from industrial chimneys looks frozen.  It means that geese are stuck in the river, their feet trapped under the ice.

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The Flaw In Our New Year’s Resolutions: A Few Tips For Focusing On The Positive

January 1, 2018

By and

There’s this guy Sisyphus.

I feel like he invented the New Year’s resolution.

You know Sisyphus—he’s the guy who works so hard to push that stupid boulder up the hill, only to have it roll down again at the end of his hard work.

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3 Ideas For New Year’s Resolutions from Former Boston Celtic Brandon Bass

December 26, 2017


If you’re looking for inspiration or ideas for how you can become a better parent in 2014, look no further. After reading a Boston Herald article (and accompanying video) about former Boston Celtics player Brandon Bass, we were compelled to share some of the wisdom we gleaned from Mr. Bass’ story.

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Kindness And Empathy In The Face of Terror: Lessons From Our Children

December 14, 2017


In the immediate days following the Marathon Bombing on April 15, 2013, I, like thousands of others in our community, was moved to seek some way to be of help.

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“You would do it if you loved me.” Teens, Coercive Relationships, and Digital Media

December 12, 2017


You would have to be completely unplugged to have missed the heightened reports of sexually coercive behavior among celebrities, prominent media figures, and politicians. Indeed, the seemingly sudden explosion of public knowledge of these deplorable actions might lead you to believe that we are encountering a new phenomenon.

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The Psychological Gift Of Giving A Gift

December 6, 2017


Intro music written and performed by Dr. Gene Beresin.
Outro music performed by Dr. Gene Beresin.

The holidays are, alas, upon us.

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Let’s Talk Turkey

November 21, 2017


The expression, ‘talking turkey,’ has two opposite original meanings—to speak pleasantly around the dinner table, or to skip the niceties, and get right to what’s important.  It is, of course, this second meaning that persists in everyday conversation, as when we say, “Let’s talk turkey about why you don’t eat your vegetables.

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The Clay Center Launches Multimedia Effort to Promote Mental Wellness Among Youth

November 15, 2017


New film series and video podcast promote conversations to shift the social landscape of mental health



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Memories Of A Veteran’s Son: Living With Undiagnosed PTSD

November 11, 2017


In honor of Veterans Day and all of the men and women who have and continue to serve this great country, we’re reposting Dr. Gene Beresin’s memories of his father and his sacrifice below.


Waking my dad early in the morning was terrifying.

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