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Dr. Mai Uchida is a board certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist and the Director of the Child Depression Program at the Massachusetts General Hospital. She is the Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, and Attending Physician at Massachusetts General Hospital in the Pediatric Psychopharmacology and Adult ADHD Program. As a clinician-researcher, her focus has been on the early identification of pediatric psychopathology. In collaboration with Dr. John Gabrieli at MIT, she has published on the fMRI based biomarkers of the risk for development of major depression, and received the First Prize Department of Psychiatry Award of MGH, MassGeneral for Children Innovation and Feasibility Award as well as the Dupont Warren Fellowship and Livingston Award for her works on this topic. She has done clinical and neuroimaging based investigation of emotional dysregulation, and has received the Louis V Gertsner Award for this work. She is a current K awardee from the National Institute of Mental Health to investigate clinical and neural indicators of the risk for developing ADHD. Dr. Uchida’s clinical expertise is in diagnosing and in the medication management of children with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and ADHD, as well as adult ADHD. She loves interacting with children and trying to help families through the difficulties of emotional and behavioral challenges. In addition, Dr. Uchida is a committed advocate for mental health. She has articulated her thoughts in a number of international publications, including the International Herald Tribune, Asahi Shimbun, and Boston Globe on topics ranging from suicide prevention, informed consent to the experience of being a Japanese female physician in America. As a mother of two sons, her commitment in helping children and their families’ emotional well-being is not only professional, but also deeply personal as well. When she is not working, she is 99% mom, but in the 1% of her time, she enjoys creating visual art, skiing, figure skating, dancing flamenco, and singing along to Broadway show tunes.

How We Talked About Racism With Our Very Young Kids: A Child Psychiatrist Mom’s Conversation With Her 5- and 3-Year-Old Sons

June 26, 2020


How We Talked About Racism With Our Very Young Kids: A Child Psychiatrist Mom’s Conversation With Her 5- and 3-Year-Old Sons

Like many people in the world, I’ve been very emotionally affected about how the recent news on police brutality towards the Black community exposed the racism that continues to prevail. I became nauseous seeing social media comments that supported racism (many without the awareness of the impact of their statements), and how those that hold […]