Shrinking It Down: Gaming Disorder

"It lights up certain parts of the brain that really give you a charge." - Gene Beresin on video games

November 8, 2018


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“I couldn’t get off the computer ‘cause I was about to kill that final thing in ‘Call of Duty’ and if I didn’t kill it I’d have to fight it all over again and it just isn’t worth my time!”

Who doesn’t love a good video game? Whether it’s Fortnite or Candy Crush Saga, it’s pretty easy to get sucked in, sometimes for hours. But is there such a thing as Gaming Disorder? The World Health Organization says yes, but the American Psychiatric Association is still considering. Regardless of if it technically qualifies as a mental health disorder, what parents really want to know for their kids is: When does it cross the line from casual pastime to problem territory? In this episode of Shrinking It Down: Mental Health Made Simple, Gene and Steve tackle the issue of gaming disorder, including how much is too much – of anything.

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