How To Get A Core Evaluation Completed Through Your School District

August 15, 2017


How do you get a core evaluation completed through your local school district?

Well, the short answer is, “You ask for it.” However, if you’re a parent who has tried to get an evaluation completed through your school system—or is currently going through that process—you might be saying, “It’s not quite that simple.

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In Memoriam: Landon T. Clay, 1926-2017

August 3, 2017


Every year, Steve Schlozman and I travel on behalf of the Clay Center to speak with the 1,400 kids at Lake Wales High School. We really look forward to this event. As much as we enjoy our relationship with the high school students and staff, the highlight of this annual excursion is staying with the Clays at their home in Mountain Lake.

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How to Manage, And Help Your Kids Cope, When The Family Dog Dies

July 31, 2017


My dog died.

Man, those are three tough words to write.

I feel both silly about and proud of how much it hurts. Still, I think I know what some of you are thinking: Dogs aren’t people. And you’re right, of course. Thank God, I’m not writing about a person right now.

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How To Tell If Your Child Is Stressed This Summer

July 26, 2017


Summertime…and the kids are stressed out.

That’s not exactly the song that most of us might remember as we welcome the seemingly carefree days of summer vacation. Still, summer can be surprisingly stressful for children and adolescents.

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Dyslexia 101

July 13, 2017


This blog is the first in a series on dyslexia. Topics to be addressed further, this fall, in include treatment for dyslexia, accommodation options available, and the transition of a child to life, school, etc. following diagnosis.

Sharon was a 2nd grader who was struggling with learning to read.

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More Kids Are Receiving Mental Health Care, But…

July 10, 2017


At The Clay Center, we find ourselves writing often about how seeking psychiatric treatment is stigmatized in the United States.  We especially worry about this issue when it comes to children and adolescents.

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Combating Mental Health Stigma

July 6, 2017

A look at why and how the stigma of mental illness persists in the African American community—among both young people and their families—and what some are doing to address it.

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What Their Writing Told Me: The Taboo Of Mental Illness In The Hispanic Community

July 5, 2017


The following blog is part of The Clay Center’s series on diversity, which presents varying cultural perspectives and beliefs on mental health and well-being.

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Making The Most Of Summer Vacation

June 29, 2017


Summer vacation might not seem like the most likely topic for a blog that focuses on demystifying psychiatric challenges in kids. Sure, we write about families, children, and parenting, but what in the world could we have to say about that blessed time off that is integral in American tradition?

We might start by asking where it went.

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Summertime: Making The Livin’ Easy With Kids

June 21, 2017

By and

When I was a kid, there weren’t what you’d call choices when it came to summer. I could go to camp, or, well…I could go to camp.

‘But don’t worry,’ my mom told me, ‘when you get older, that’s when you’ll have choices.’


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