What Do I Do If My Child Is Bullied?

August 15, 2017


Here’s a weird fact.

Until about six or seven years ago, the term “bullying” was pretty much absent from everyday use.  In fact, six or seven years ago, if you had asked someone to define “bullying,” they’d probably tell you that the word itself was both old and old-fashioned.

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How To Tell If Your Child Is Stressed This Summer

July 26, 2017


Summertime…and the kids are stressed out.

That’s not exactly the song that most of us might remember as we welcome the seemingly carefree days of summer vacation. Still, summer can be surprisingly stressful for children and adolescents.

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Two Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists Weigh in on Netflix’s ‘To The Bone’: A Missed Opportunity to Understand Anorexia

July 20, 2017


Co-authored by Gene Beresin, MD

As child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrists we have eagerly been awaiting Netflix’s release of To The Bone.  It seems intended to significantly raise awareness, educate viewers and open conversations about these severe psychiatric disorders.

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What Is Anorexia Nervosa?

July 18, 2017


As we recognize National Eating Disorder Awareness Week here at the Clay Center, we hope the information we share will be both informative and useful.

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Driving Dyslexia Away

July 12, 2017

A young NASCAR star and his parents discuss his triumph over dyslexia, and the Clay Center team provides guidance on what you can do if your child has learning differences.

Includes a roundtable discussion with Drs. Gene Beresin, Ellen Braaten, and Steve Schlozman on the topic of dyslexia beginning at 3:07 of the segment.

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Combating Mental Health Stigma

July 6, 2017

A look at why and how the stigma of mental illness persists in the African American community—among both young people and their families—and what some are doing to address it.

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Summertime: Making The Livin’ Easy With Kids

June 21, 2017

By and

When I was a kid, there weren’t what you’d call choices when it came to summer. I could go to camp, or, well…I could go to camp.

‘But don’t worry,’ my mom told me, ‘when you get older, that’s when you’ll have choices.’


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Summer Reading – With Your Kids

June 14, 2017


When does summer begin for most kids?

It begins about two weeks before the bell rings on that last day of school.  Whatever kids have planned for the summer, you can bet they’re already thinking of these plans well before they are officially granted their academic freedom.

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Learning Over The Summer

June 12, 2017


When parents of school-aged kids think about summer vacations, what would you expect their favorite part to be?  Taking the kids to the beach?  Sleeping in late?  Foregoing the school year’s rigid schedule?  Nope.

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When Kids Leave Home: Part 2

June 8, 2017

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This is the second blog post in a two-part series on adolescents’ transition to the “real world.”

To view the first blog post, click here. 

Intro music written and performed by Dr. Gene Beresin.
Outro music arranged and performed by Dr. Gene Beresin.

I love being a mom.

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