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The Role Of Apps In Distracted Teen Driving

As parents, we share some really big milestones with our children. There’s riding that bike for the first time, braving the first day of school, or marching off to sleep-away camp.

And, of course, there’s the huge anxiety-provoking-and-incredibly-exciting moment of earning the first driver’s license.

Hitting Reset On The Portland Diner Debate

When the story came out about a family’s dining experience at Marcy’s Diner, I didn’t think much about it:

Portland diner owner under fire for yelling at toddler, Facebook posts

Currently, however, this is the story that a lot of people and parents want to talk about.

How Schools Respond When a Child Is Being Cyberbullied

As a child psychiatrist, I often find myself in adversarial negotiations with school districts.  I am typically advocating for more intensive services for my patients, while school districts are often determining the best use of limited resources.  This issue is rarely more poignant than when it comes to a child being cyberbullied.

Hit Send, No Wait: The Dangers Of A Hyper-Personal Online Life

Online communication can bring mischief and even serious trouble to peers and colleagues because it invites far more disinhibition than face-to-face conversation.