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A Closer Look at High-Functioning Autism, featuring Robyn Thom, MD – Shrinking It Down

Coming into April, Autism Awareness Month, we’ve noticed more families coming to our website with questions about high-functioning autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

My Child Was Diagnosed With Anxiety or Depression. How Should I Talk to Her About It?

“Should I use the word anxious or depressed?”  

“Should I talk about it at all with my daughter?”  

“What should I say to my teenage son?”  

“How can I even bring it up?”  

These are just a few of the questions parents ask when their child is given a diagnosis of anxiety or depression.

My Son Was Diagnosed With ADHD. How Do I Talk to Him About It?

Question: My son was just diagnosed with ADHD. How do I talk to him about it?

Dr. Braaten’s Answer:

Educating yourself is a great way to prepare for this conversation, and there are a lot of resources on our website to get you started.

DSM-5: What Happened to Asperger’s?

Billy was an intelligent, 12-year-old boy who excelled at math, and loved Japanese anime.  He could talk incessantly about World of Warcraft, and impressed adults with his knowledge of geography.

When Is Getting a Firm Diagnosis Important?

Stephen’s parents were worried.  Stephen was an active 7-year-old who was having trouble learning to read, and staying seated in class.  Now that he was in second grade, he was having trouble completing homework.