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Shrinking It Down: The Death of a Pet

October 11, 2018


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Last season, we talked about the benefits of pets for our kids’ mental health. That unconditional love helps our children to build skills and navigate important life lessons.

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Tips for Helping Children Cope with Hurricanes, Storms and Their Aftermath

September 14, 2018



The Clay Center Team

When it comes to scary events, such as terror acts or natural disasters, our mission at the MGH Clay Center has always been to help parents appreciate the impact of kids seeing images on the screen and hearing about events that are potentially

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Processing Speed in Social Relationships

December 18, 2017


Processing speed is the time it takes us to perform a certain task in a certain amount of time.  Some kids are naturally fast.  They run, talk, draw, and do all sorts of things at a rate that seems appropriate for their age.  Kids with slower processing need more time to process that same information.

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What Is An Adjustment Disorder?

October 26, 2017


My friend Samantha called me in a panic.  Her 8-year-old daughter, Lindsey, was struggling with the fact that her parents were getting divorced.  There had been a lot of conflict in the marriage.  Samantha’s ex-husband was an alcoholic and, though he was receiving treatment, he had been frequently unemployed.

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Using the Power of Narrative to #StopSuicide

October 13, 2017

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Increasing public awareness of suicide is not an easy task. To truly grapple with the issue, we have to face some difficult and painful feelings. For these reasons, when we at the Clay Center collaborated to tell the true story of a young sophomore at Harvard named Luke, who tragically took his own life, we decided to turn to film.

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Coping With Slow Processing Speed At Home And At School

March 11, 2017


This blog is the second in a three-part series from Dr. Braaten, co-author of the book Bright Kids Who Can’t Keep Up. You can check out the first blog in the series here, and the final post here.

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Living With A Chronic Medical Illness: Grace’s Story

February 25, 2016

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This blog post is part of a series entitled Real Lives, Real Stories: Personal Experiences With Mental Illness.

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How Do I Help A Child Cope With The Death Of A Loved One?

September 18, 2013


When a family member dies, times are tough.  That pretty much goes without saying.

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