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May – Meditation Challenge

May Mental Health Month - Meditation Challenge Calendar - Inspiration for every day, from


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Every day is time for supporting our mental health, but this year families everywhere are in need of extra hope, support, endurance, and moments of calm. This May, during Mental Health Awareness Month, we hope you’ll accept our meditation challenge. As parents, grandparents, teachers, community workers, and other caring adults, it’s important to take care of your own emotional health, as the first step in supporting the young people in your life.

We were inspired last month by a parent who shared that, during these challenging times, they had meditated for 65 days in a row! We want to pass on this inspiration. Set a monthly goal that works for you — 10 minutes a day, an hour a day, a couple hours a week — then use our May Meditation Calendar to stay motivated. Do it yourself, or include your whole family.

May Mental Health Month - Meditation Challenge Calendar - Inspiration for every day, from


Download our May Meditation Calendar

View MGH Psychiatry’s Mindfulness Tools

For even more inspiration, check out our Instagram and Facebook stories for regular mental health breaks to stay #CalmDuringCovid. And keep sending us your calming images! They lift our spirits, and we love sharing with others. Remember, #WeCanManageThis.

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