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There are many emotional benefits that come from connecting over a family dinner. But with the competing demands of reality, like busy schedules, technology, and picky eaters, this simple idea isn’t always so simple.

On today’s episode, Dr. Anne Fishel, executive director of The Family Dinner Project at Massachusetts General Hospital, joins Gene and Steve to discuss her new book, Eat, Laugh, Talk! From speaking with thousands of different families – including single-parent, three-generational, those with infants, those with teens – this book crowd sources the best tips that real families have found to make dinner an easier lift, along with conversation starters, games, and some great recipes. Added bonus? Dr. Fishel gives advice for keeping politics off the dinner table.

Thank you for joining in this conversation! Have a dinner story to share with us? We’d love to hear. Write to us!

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Steven Schlozman, MD

Steven Schlozman, MD

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