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Data suggest that Generation Z, the teens and young adults coming of age right now, feels lonelier than any other age group. But we don’t know why. Is it a symptom of digital and social media or the hyper-scheduling of their daily lives? Does it stem from anger about or hopelessness of dwindling future prospects? No one has the answers, but it’s concerning as loneliness can negatively affect both physical and mental health. In this episode of Shrinking It Down, Dr. Gene Beresin and Dr. Steve Schlozman look to the literature and to their child psychiatrist instincts to help parents and other adults brainstorm why this might be, and what we can do to support the young people in our lives.

Thank you for joining in this conversation. Do you have ideas about why teens today are so lonely? We’d love to know. Please write to us!

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Episode research by Joshua Eng

Episode produced by Sara Rattigan

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Steven Schlozman, MD

Steven Schlozman, MD

Steven Schlozman, MD, is an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School (HMS), course director of the psychopathology class for the MIT-HMS Program in Health, Sciences and Technology, and former co-director of the Clay Center for Youn...

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Gene Beresin

Gene Beresin, Executive Director

Gene Beresin, MD, MA is executive director of The MGH Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds, and a staff child and adolescent psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is also...

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