Money + Mental Health: Supporting Young Adult Children, With Limits – Shrinking It Down

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October 9, 2019

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If you’re a parent, you’ve likely spent time thinking about your child’s future after age 18. Whether it’s going to college, finding a job, finding an apartment – taking that first step towards independence is ultimately tied to…money! Where that money should come from is a complicated issue, and it’s not the same issue it was 20 or 30 years ago. What does this mean for both parent and child mental health? Special guest Rand Spero, CFP, MBA, EdM joins our co-director Dr. Ellen Braaten to talk about the economic realities of young adulthood today, including strategies for families to embrace.

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Episode hosted by Ellen Braaten

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Ellen Braaten

Ellen Braaten, Co-Director

Ellen Braaten, Ph.D. is co-director of The MGH Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds, and director of the Learning and Emotional Assessment Program (LEAP) at Massachusetts General Hospi...

To learn more about Ellen, or to contact her directly, please see Our Team.

Rand Spero, CFP®, MBA, Ed.M.

Rand Spero, CFP®, MBA, Ed.M.

Rand Spero, CFP®, MBA, Ed.M. is a founding advisory council member for The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds, and president of Street Smart Financial, a fee-only financial firm that works with individuals and families on their long-term planning...

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Sara Rattigan

Sara Rattigan, Communications Director

Sara Rattigan, M.S. is the communications director for The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds, and a public health communicator whose passion has always centered around innovative a...

To learn more about Sara, or to contact her directly, please see Our Team.