Admissions Scandal, College Pressure, and Mental Health

Quote from Ellen Braaten - "We have this idealized version of perfection, which is true perfection."

March 20, 2019


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Topics: Culture + Society, Stress

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On today’s show, Dr. Ellen Braaten joins Gene and Steve to think deeper about our American culture that’s contributed to issues like the recent college admissions scandal, as well as less extreme (and less fraudulent) measures we take to ensure our kids succeed at a level that’s far above-average. What message does it send to young people today when we have expectations of true perfection, or go as far to take actions to suggest they’re not good enough to succeed on their own?

We’ll discuss this and more. Write to us with your thoughts!

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Episode edited by Sara Rattigan
Technical direction provided by Andrew Bergner
Music by Gene Beresin
Special vocal solo by Ellen Braaten

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