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The Lurie Center for Autism at MassGeneral Hospital for Children is a multidisciplinary program designed to evaluate and treat children, adolescents, and adults with a wide variety of conditions including autism and autism spectrum disorder, Asperger syndrome and other developmental delays. The Lurie Center is born out of a philosophy that people with developmental disabilities deserve to be viewed as individuals, each with personal patterns of talents and challenges. We strongly believe each individual deserves the opportunity for access to the quantity and quality of services needed to reach his or her full potential, regardless of economic, social or ethnic background. To learn more about the Lurie Center and the services we provide, please visit our website at

Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder

April 24, 2017


Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Christopher Keary, MD; Lisa Nowinski PhD; Christopher McDougle, MD Sam is an adorable 5-year-old boy with curly brown hair and large inquisitive eyes. As a baby, Sam was easy! He rarely cried and seemed to entertain himself for hours – the perfect first child. But by his 1st birthday, Sam was not yet talking. Family […]