Sex and the Teenage Brain – Shrinking It Down

Young teen girl smiling while young teen boy kisses her cheek

February 7, 2019


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Topics: Child + Adolescent Development, Culture + Society, Relationships

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Sex. Is there anything else in the teenage brain? It’s a wonder they make it through school once puberty hits! We’ll be honest, we didn’t know what direction this conversation would take (yikes), but it turned out a great example of how talking helps us to process some of the trickier issues in life.

In this episode of Shrinking It Down, Dr. Ellen Braaten joins Gene and Steve to pick apart what goes on inside the adolescent mind, developmentally, when it comes to sex, relationships, and delayed gratification. Don’t forget to check out our media list for this one!

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Episode Edited by Sara Rattigan

Music by Gene Beresin

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