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Kids at Risk for Violence: Warning Signs of Aggression

Some kids will become violent as adolescents.

Many have a very short fuse, exploding over the smallest thing. Others, like a ticking time bomb, harbor pent up anger until something pops.

The Adolescent Brain: Primed for Thrills and High On Life

Teenagers are convinced they are ready to take the reins, no longer wanting to be held back by overly-cautious adults who don’t really ‘get it,’ who don’t understand the urgency of whatever situation is brewing at that moment.

Are Teenagers Responsible?

Ask any parent of a teen whether his or her child is responsible, and a wry smile will appear.

If you could see the internal images and memories behind that smile, they would look like this: wet towels on the floor, a car left without gas on a workday morning, a forgotten homework assignment, a broken curfew.

Mental Illness And Society: Prisons, Rehabilitation And Prevention

Our prisons are loaded with teenagers and adults who suffer from psychiatric disorders.

Kids who are incarcerated have a 60% or higher rate of psychiatric syndromes according to most studies—this is roughly three times higher than the 20% of kids with psychiatric illness who are currently not incarcerated.