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What’s the difference between a “resolution” and an “evolution”? In the context of New Year’s, even though they begin with the best intentions, resolutions often come with a lot of pressure to follow through. But an evolution allows you to grow and adapt within your personal environment – including the various people in your life, as well as non-negotiable life demands that may come from home or work.

In this episode of Shrinking It Down, Gene and Steve try to move beyond resolutions to something that will have a more meaningful impact in our lives. That, and—have you watched the new interactive episode of Black Mirror??

Do you have any new year’s evolutions you want to share? Send us your thoughts and questions! We may read them on the air.

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Episode edited by Sara Rattigan

Special music by Gene Beresin and Jim Mayer

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Steven Schlozman, MD

Steven Schlozman, MD

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Gene Beresin

Gene Beresin, Executive Director

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