Digital Vigilance and Our Kids

We’ve reached a point in time where most of our kids have grown up with digital media as a way of life. Social media, instant viral news, e-learning, digital surveillance – it’s all here to stay. And it’s not all bad. But there are some legitimate concerns about how it’s impacting the mental health and safety of young people.

How Should We Respond to Anxiety in Our Kids? feat. Kevin Simon, MD

Anxiety. Unhealthy levels are rising in our kids and teens. What can we do to help them? On today’s episode of Shrinking It Down: Mental Health Made Simple, Gene and Khadijah are joined by very special guest Dr. Kevin Simon, the first Chief Behavioral Health Officer for the City of Boston, to help make sense of it all.


Understanding Obesity Stigma, feat. Angela Fitch, MD, FACP, FOMA

We often hear about how stigma can prevent appropriate treatment for mental disorders and promote feelings of shame or low self-worth among those struggling with their mental health.

Dr. Gene and Dr. Khadijah Answer Your Questions – Shrinking It Down

From challenges with hair pulling to supporting a child through a regression in toilet training, Dr. Gene Beresin and Dr. Khadijah Booth Watkins answer real parent questions in this episode.

Our Next Podcast Special Guest Is…YOU – Send Us Your Questions!

We’re kicking off 2023 with a special episode of Shrinking It Down: Mental Health Made Simple featuring *you* our listeners. What questions do you have about the mental health of a child or teen in your life?

Dr. Gene Beresin and Dr.

How Do Social Justice and Youth Sports Intersect? ft. Dr. Jonathan Jenkins, Psy.D, CMPC

How do social justice issues intersect with youth sports?

Tune in to this bonus episode of Shrinking It Down, featuring Dr. Jonathan Jenkins of the Sport Psychology Program at Mass General, for a thoughtful conversation on how societal concerns, including systemic racism, continue to impact all of our young athletes.

Young People, Sports, and Mental Health ft. Dr. Jonathan Jenkins, Psy.D, CMPC – Shrinking It Down

Sports can be such a positive space for young people to let off steam, learn important life skills, and build long lasting relationships. There are times, though, when it can be too much, injury strikes, or someone doesn’t make the team they were hoping to.

In this must-listen episode, Dr.

Self-Harm in Teens ft. Dr. Blaise Aguirre, MD – Shrinking It Down

*Content Warning: This episode contains segments of discussion that may be difficult for some audience members to hear. Content such as descriptions of self-harm methods are included.

The Benefits of Music Therapy, ft. Marisabelle Díaz-Falcón, MPH, MT-BC – Shrinking It Down

As Dr. Gene Beresin always says, music is a universal language. To kick off our new podcast season, and in honor of Gene’s new book, Music, today we’ll look into the ways music can help us heal.

Get Ready for a New Season!

It’s nearly time for a new season of Shrinking It Down! Co-hosts Gene Beresin, MD, MA and Khadijah Booth Watkins, MD, MPH have some great mental health topics and great guests in store for you. But until then, Hold On….

Beginning October 20, tune in the 3rd Thursday of each month for new episodes.