Can Kids Get Mental Illness?


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What does the average person think about mental illness in kids? We went to the streets to ask people this very question, and their responses and stories were both enlightening and heartwarming.

The Clay Center have partnered with filmmakers Eric I. Lu and Elaine Coin to produce a series of short films on issues including mental illness in kids, parental regret, and recognizing great strengths in children and teens with varying abilities, all with the intention to help shift the social landscape of mental health.

The first film in our series, “Can Kids Get Mental Illness?” explores public perceptions of mental health and learning and attention differences among young people, and aims to initiate a broader community conversation about social norms, stigma, why early intervention is needed, and what we can do to nurture healthy minds in children, teens and young adults.

Opening conversations can make a difference, and we invite you to take part in our mission.

Please, talk to just one person about what you take away from this film. And if you’re so inclined, share your thoughts with us, as well.

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Gene Beresin

Gene Beresin, Executive Director

Gene Beresin, MD, MA is executive director of The MGH Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds, and a staff child and adolescent psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is also...

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