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Ruta Nonacs, M.D. completed her residency in psychiatry and a fellowship in perinatal and reproductive psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Currently, she is a staff psychiatrist with the Perinatal and Reproductive Psychiatry Clinical Research Program at MGH. She is also the editor-in-chief of the programs website at Dr. Nonacs' work has been published in a number of scientific journals and books in the area of women’s mental health. She is the author of A Deeper Shade of Blue: A Woman’s Guide to Recognizing and Treating Depression in Her Childbearing Years (Simon & Schuster).

Mental Health Needs Of Teen Moms

June 7, 2016


Mental Health Needs Of Teen Moms

We know that adolescents get depression. We also know that adolescents are a lot more likely to get depressed than pre-adolescents. And, we know that pregnancy is associated with a higher risk for depression both during the pregnancy itself, and at least three months following. In fact, “perinatal depression” refers to exactly this period. The […]