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Embracing Reason in a World of (Expensive) Consumerism

October 17, 2017


Let’s talk about stuff.

I’m not talking about the stuff we talk about when we say to each other “Hey, we got stuff to talk about.”

I mean, literally, stuff. 

I’m talking about stuff you can hold, stuff you can carry, stuff that you can tangibly use. Stuff that can, ultimately, cost a whole lot of money.

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Beyond Sexual Assault

October 16, 2017


Ali was brave and giving enough to share her story with us in 2015 about the lasting effects of sexual assault on a person’s mental health, long after the experience itself. It is important these stories not be lost, and so we share it again, today.

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We’re All Connected: What To Think About On World Mental Health Day

October 10, 2017


Today is World Mental Health Day.

I often find these kinds of distinctions a bit troublesome.

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Another Shooting – Another Opportunity To Comfort And Talk With Our Kids

October 4, 2017


So far in 2017,  there have been 273 mass shootings, an average of one a day since the beginning of the year, resulting in at least 346 deaths and 1,307 injuries.

Who wouldn’t be shocked and terrified by this statistic? Anyone reading that would come to the alarming conclusion that our country is not a very safe place.

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Talking To Kids About Disasters (The Weather Channel)

October 2, 2017


Over the past month, the devastation of hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria has topped the headlines and media outlets. The earthquake in Mexico has shocked the world. These events have shaken countless individuals, families, and communities, including our children.

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Older Not Wiser: Senior High School Drivers Take More Risks Than Younger Teens According to New Study

September 10, 2017


Back to school.

For seniors, it’s often a stressful time as they prepare for a new era in life after high school, but also one of enthusiasm as they feel a greater sense of confidence and autonomy.

It’s also a time parents worry more – about their teens’ future and about risky behaviors.

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Two Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists Weigh in on Netflix’s ‘To The Bone’: A Missed Opportunity to Understand Anorexia

July 20, 2017


Co-authored by Gene Beresin, MD

As child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrists we have eagerly been awaiting Netflix’s release of To The Bone.  It seems intended to significantly raise awareness, educate viewers and open conversations about these severe psychiatric disorders.

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More Kids Are Receiving Mental Health Care, But…

July 10, 2017


At The Clay Center, we find ourselves writing often about how seeking psychiatric treatment is stigmatized in the United States.  We especially worry about this issue when it comes to children and adolescents.

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Drs. Beresin & Schlozman and the iPhone

July 7, 2017


Dr. Gene Beresin and Dr. Steve Schlozman reflect on the iPhone’s 10th anniversary.


“Look, someone’s calling. Do I have to answer it?” “No. We’re texting.”

“Have you SnapChatted before?”

“Siri, text Steve ’cause I can’t use my thumbs anymore.

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