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Marilyn Wilcher, senior director of the Benson-Henry Institute (BHI), has been associated with the Institute since its founding in 1988 as the Mind Body Medical Institute — first as a trustee and later as senior vice president. During these years, she was involved in many aspects of the Institute, including administrative oversight of clinical areas, finances, development and marketing.
At BHI, her primary responsibilities include marketing, clinical administration, and the Resilient Youth Program. Ms. Wilcher launched the program, which was formally known as The Education Initiative, in 1989 to offer a relaxation response-based curriculum to students and educators. She and her staff have successfully trained thousands of students and educators in independent, urban, suburban and special needs schools throughout the United States. Ms. Wilcher is an honors graduate of Wellesley College and did post graduate work at the University of Washington.

How to Be “Smart” in the Time of Smartphones

November 2, 2017


How to Be “Smart” in the Time of Smartphones

If you were born more than a couple of decades ago, the chances are pretty good that you’ll remember the family dinner where there were five conversations at once. “I got a lousy grade in math today,” you might have said. Your little brother, seemingly in response to your attempt at confession, added this helpful […]