Patriots’ Day Project

Parenting In A Community Crisis: Lessons From The Boston Marathon

In reflection of the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, The Clay Center is re-posting this special video.

Boston-area parents reflect on their experiences parenting during the 2013 Boston Marathon events, and offer advice to other parents who may find themselves facing a community challenge.

When To Seek Help For a Child’s Anxiety

How can we best handle the stress that this year’s marathon and the upcoming memorials of last year’s events might engender? In answering this question, we first need to remember that everyone is unique.

Should the TV Be On or Off During Times of Breaking News?

During times of “breaking news,” we are all drawn to our TVs, phones and computers for information. This was especially true throughout the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and lockdown, when we found the drama usually reserved for action-adventure movies playing out in our own neighborhoods.

How To Speak With Children About the Anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing

In these weeks leading up to the 2014 Boston Marathon, we are collectively hearing about a range of reactions to the many reminders of the event’s significance. Some are feeling distressed, perhaps from listening to the widespread media coverage discussed in our previous post.