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Self-Care for Resilience – Resources

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Unhealthy levels of stress seem to have become the norm today, for adults and young people alike. Whether a parent, teacher, youth worker, or pediatrician, we all want young people to have healthy ways to prevent and manage stress. One way to help is to incorporate self-care into daily life, just like brushing our teeth. The earlier we begin, the easier to maintain. Self-care is a great way to help young people develop resilience skills to last a lifetime.

Need ideas on where to start? From expert advice, to voices from young people, to a classroom activity, see below to support the young people in your life!

Ideas From Middle School Students

Also, watch what Gene Beresin has to say about helping middle schoolers with self-care.

Ideas From High School Students

Also, watch what Gene Beresin has to say about encouraging self-care in high schoolers, and what Steve Schlozman has to say about helping teens with too many activities de-stress.

Ideas from College Students

Self-Care Classroom Activity Toolkit

As a companion resource to our middle and high school student self-care videos, this Classroom Toolkit aims to help teachers, counselors, youth workers, and other educators to use the videos, or still images, to support young people in a group activity.

Self-Care for Parents, Teachers, and Teens

Podcast Episode on Self-Care:

Self-care can mean different things depending on a child’s age, family dynamics, and more. Gene Beresin and Ellen Braaten talk through it all in this episode of Shrinking It Down.

Search for ‘Shrinking It Down‘ wherever you get your podcasts.

Advice From Our Docs

Ellen Braaten on Moms modeling self-care for their kids:

Steve Schlozman on Dads modeling self-care for their kids:

Gene Beresin on introducing self-care to younger kids:

Ellen Braaten on things that get in the way of self-care:

Clay Center Team Self-Care

Here at the Clay Center, we practice what we preach! For a little extra inspiration, each member of our team shares 30 seconds on what they do for self-care, and why. Take a look.

Gene, executive director

Deedee, managing director

Ellen, Clay Center contributor

Steve, Clay Center contributor

Elisa, visiting artist for civic media

Matt, research assistant

Sara, communications director

If you have other self-care ideas or content you’d like to see, we’d love to know about them. Write to us! Put “Self-Care” in the subject line.