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Ways to Help Your Lonely Teen

More and more surveys are finding that teenagers and young adults today (the Gen Z population) are lonelier than any other age group - even older adults. While we don't yet have the research to back it up, we are now seeing loneliness in younger kids, too. Is your child one of them? On May 3, 2023, The United States Surgeon General released an Advisory raising alarm about an epidemic of loneliness and isolation in the country. Loneliness can have a devastating impact on our mental, physical, and societal health. The Advisory includes high-level recommendations for a range of audiences such as health systems, educational institutions, and media and entertainment industries. It also includes specific recommendations for parents and caregivers of young people. These evidence-based, targeted recommendations for parents and caregivers are universal and actionable. Having the knowledge that there are things we can do to make a difference empowers us to protect and support our future generation in the face of this threat. But what do these recommendations look like in practice for the average parent, teen, or family? Whether you are the parent of a younger child looking to help them develop strong, healthy relationships early on to prevent loneliness, or you need strategies to support an adolescent who is struggling, this guide is for you. It addresses in detail ways caregivers can implement each Surgeon General recommendation to prevent or combat loneliness, and provides practical advice to help families embrace each recommendation as part of everyday life. Humans are pack animals - we need each other, we need relationships. This guide aims to help you to bolster those relationships for yourself and for the young people in your life.

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