Five middle school students side by side

School Program: Self-Care for Resilience

It is important for students to learn healthy ways to prevent and manage stress. Practicing self-care is one of these ways, but the skills involved don’t often come naturally. Learn more about our free Self-Care program, below.

Learning Objectives
Program Overview
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Our self-care program helps students to build skills in:

  • Self-reflection
  • Feelings identification
  • Self-expression
  • Stress management

Our self-care program uses short videos (or still images) to explore aspects of self-care as a tool to manage stress.

  1. Introduction, Define Stress (2 minutes)
  2. Show Video or Images (2 -7 minutes)
  3. Student Self-Reflection (2 -5 minutes)
  4. Group Discussion (8 -30 minutes)
  5. Closing (2 minutes)

Total time for short video: 30-45 minutes
Total time for still images: 15-20 minutes

Ready to engage your students in self-care for resilience? Download the activity toolkit, below. It includes step-by-step instructions with how facilitate this program, talking points, links to the videos, and still images.

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