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Deirdre Phillips

Deedee Phillips is managing director of the Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). She provides leadership, strategic direction, overall planning and oversight, and financial management for the Center. Her commitment to mental health education for youth builds on her prior role as Executive Director of The Autism Consortium, a unique clinical and research collaboration based at Harvard Medical School. The Consortium brought together many of Boston’s premier research and healthcare institutions to catalyze progress in understanding autism, improve diagnosis and clinical care, facilitate funding/investment in Boston autism research, build community and deliver needed resources to families. The Consortium contributed to establishing Boston as a nationally respected center for autism research and care.

Deedee previously served as a senior executive at several financial institutions including Bank Boston, FleetBoston and Putnam Investments where she managed relationships with public officials, communicated policy positions and represented these companies in Washington.

Deedee has served in leadership/board positions at numerous national, regional and state business councils and local nonprofit organizations including WGBH and Horizons for Homeless Children. She also served as a member of the MA Autism Commission, appointed by Governor Charlie Baker.


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