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COVID-19: Mental Health Check-In – Shrinking It Down

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Life as we know it has changed since our last episode. Concerns, disruptions, and uncertainty surrounding the new coronavirus disease have affected us all. While we can’t immediately change this public health crisis – though we can do our part by staying home if we’re able! – we do have the power to change how we think about our individual situations, and help our children and teens to do the same.  

In today’s short episode, Dr. Gene Beresin and Dr. Ellen Braaten take a mental health break to check in with all of you, to check in with each other, and to brainstorm ways for us all to seek out positive aspects of the challenges we’re facing, and to take things one day at a time. We’re in this together. In fact, the whole world. And we can manage this. 

Also, it gives us such hope to hear your stories! Please write to us at about how you’ve been managing during this time with your family.  

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Episode produced by Sara Rattigan 

Music by Gene Beresin 

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Ellen Braaten, PhD

Ellen Braaten, PhD

Ellen Braaten, PhD, is executive director of the Learning and Emotional Assessment Program (LEAP) at  Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), an associate professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School, and former co-director for the MGH Clay Cente...

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Gene Beresin

Gene Beresin, Executive Director

Gene Beresin, MD, MA is executive director of The MGH Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds, and a staff child and adolescent psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is also...

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